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The State of Indiana, through the Indiana Department of Administration, is in the process of disposing of certain real property; subject to all existing legal rights-of-way, easements, conditions and restrictions of record.

PLEASE NOTE: Per IC 4-20.5-7-7.1, state agencies, state educational institutions and political subdivisions have received notice of the availability of the subject parcel and will be given a preference for requests to purchase the property.


    +/-0.379 acres located in Fort Wayne, Indiana

    Wed, Jan 31, 3:30 PM

    Please Note:The subject parcel currently has partial limited public access or right of entry. Two trails are located adjacent to Parcel. Parcel is located within the Fort Wayne UAB. Five (5) USTs, the associated piping, dispensers, and approximately 1,790.98 tons of petroleum-impacted soils were removed from the Parcel in 2009 and 2010. See Environmental Document for more detail.